Angels and Me

Angels have been around me – and, of course, everybody else during their lives – all my life; it took a long while for me truly to acknowledge them. I daren’t say appreciate – they do so much for us to help us in so many ways of which we remain unaware. When we are aware of their help, it is truly so awesome and inspiring.

I was so lucky to meet a Quantum Angel Healer – who helped me through a difficult time – and taught me so much and to KNOW they do guide/help/advise/guard/love/protect us from so much – we still, nonetheless, have our own pathways and they cannot intervene with our legitimate/necessary journeys (some would say working out our karma).  The Angels, through Jyothi who practised Quantum Angel Healing – led me to train in Hypnotherapy and then in Angel Harmonic Healing.  Now I am in the process of offering Spirit Surgery as well – backed, of course, by the Archangels and Angels.

The warmth, love, humour, joy they bring help so much through both the highs and lows of life and I have great pleasure when I am able to help bring them closer to other people – or simply help bring them into people’s consciousness. They are with us anyway!

Other therapies I have used for my personal journey

Most recently : I have dipped into other disciplines/belief systems such as Wicca and Shamanism  – drawing from them what I believe their better aspects, whilst maintaining my own fierce independence on my interpretations of the teachings, guided, I believe, by my Angels and Archangels.


private psychotherapy


psychodrama and drama workshops

Floatation tank – sometimes known as “Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy” (REST) – (I would recommend the delights and serious benefits of this relaxing therapy)


Spiritual and Angel Healing

Spiritual Yoga.


Since the mid-60s I have worked as a PA/secretary.  From the mid 1970s I worked as a Schoolteacher, a Public Examiner, a College Teacher and as a Teacher of English as a Foreign language.  My working life has also taken me into Internal Audit work, Shop work, Houseparenting, Creative Drama Teaching, Hypnotherapy and Healing.

As a PA/Secretary I have worked in various hospital departments, educational establishments, charities, Law Courts in London, with scientists, and various property professions, in insurance, banking, telecommunications and in factories [from freeze dried coffee making to aerospace components].

Voluntary work with young and old, sick and well has been a feature of my working life as well, most recently working as a Hypnotherapist for just over year (one evening per week) at the Spring Healing Centre.

Clients always report the deepest feelings of peace and tranquillity – alongside many reports of alleviation of symptoms – after receiving Angel Harmonic Healing.

All these experiences confirm to me that we are all on an eternal journey – and that our Angels are with us, whether we acknowledge or recognise them, or not. They love us and help us through our life tasks.