Who and What are Angels and Archangels?

So many belief systems refer to Angels and Archangels – there appears to be some consensus about them. It may take many years, however, truly to discover and acknowledge them. They are around us and Guarding us (despite terrible experiences which people suffer) and SUPPORTING us through our life TASKS. They cannot interfere with the work we have to do and the learning we have to undertake – they CAN however intervene for our safety and well being from time to time.

Their brightness and closeness to THE LIGHT / THE SOURCE mean that those who feel they have seen them refer to “wings” as a way to try and describe what has been witnessed.

For me: wings or no wings, they are messengers of love, light, compassion, friendship, understanding and joy.

Some religions and people believe in the Angel hierarchies

  • The First Hierarchy  3 choirs, Seraphim, Cherubs and Thrones
  • The Second Hierarchy,  3 choirs  Dominions, Virtues and Powers
  • The Third Hierarchy  3 choirs  Principalities, Archangels and Angels

Angel Harmonic Healing enlists the aid of Archangels: Raphael, Chamuel, Uriel, Michael, Gabriel, Jophiel and Zadkiel – other Archangels also assist when needed.

Do they really want to help us?

Ever had an inspired thought about how to solve a problem? Ever had the answer to a conundrum in the dream state? Ever opened a book at just the right page to give some much needed information? Unseen Guides from the Spirit World and from the Angelic World regularly help us.

Guides are said to people who lived on earth previously, whereas many believe Angels were never human. Angels and Archangels understand us so well that I am not so sure. ARE THEY INTELLIGENT  YES THEY ARE!

An Angel Message

Know that you are loved by the Divine Source. Know we, who are entrusted with your safekeeping, love you deeply. We love to help you on your journey – we try and show you the signposts. You still have your path to follow we whisper in your ear.

Whenever something troubles you, stop and ask yourself how you can lovingly respond to yourself and to others. Know that we often see the larger picture and that we can guide you in matters for the best outcome. You are not alone and you do not have to take on all burdens single-handedly. Indeed, by calling on us, you prove you understand your connection with all life and the Divine.

Ultimately, surrendering to the bigger purpose and the Divine brings such peace. When you surrender, you will wonder what you have been fighting for all this time. Calm, peace, love and tranquillity all come from surrender – the surrender to Love itself.

Sometimes it is not easy to know what is the most loving course of action – ask for our help and trust the first thoughts of your intuition. We will help you to trust what you call your “gut feeling” and often we will provide reassurance and confirmation for your actions.

Blessed be.

And now a Poem

Show me the Light.

I am the Light they say.

Where is the Light?

I knew the Dark,

I know the Dark,

Where is the dark?

Life beckons me to light and dark each day,

They tell me I was fashioned out of clay.

Was the clay of the earth – and the soil?

Who put in the ingredients for my soul?

Where was the Source when I was born?

Where was the Source when I was forlorn?

Where was the Source when I was re-born?

Did Angel love guide me here,

Does my Angel always treasure me as dear?

You tell me, what do you hear?