Angel Harmonic Healing

I was trained at the Healing Waters Academy . For more information about the Academy run by Jennifer Garrington, please click on the link.

What is Angel Harmonic Healing?

Angel Harmonic Healing is a very gentle non-denominational form of spiritual healing. It involves working with the highest of angelic realms, to heal and bring back balance:

physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

What does a treatment feel like?

It’s a feeling of being wrapped in a safe and protective blanket of comforting warmth, although for some people it may feel rather cooler if that is what is needed. Both the healer and client receive the loving treatment from the Archangels. Gentle heat or coolness is then often felt from the practitioner’s hands. Also sensations of tingling and energy flow throughout the body are also experienced. The receiver feels a deep sense of peace and relaxation. Everyone’s treatment is totally unique and meets the needs at the time.

Is it safe?

Angel Harmony Healing heals naturally. With the help and guidance of the angelic realms, imbalances and illness are significantly reduced. This enables and provides room for a positive change in the receiver’s physical, mental, spiritual and emotional body. A profound healing on many levels of consciousness takes place.

Angel Harmonic Healing helps to balance the whole person, within and without.

Who can benefit?

Angel Harmonic Healing is beneficial for everyone, including pregnant women, children, babies and even animals.

What about medication my doctor has prescribed for me?

Angel Harmonic Healing can be used alongside conventional medicine and also any other holistic therapies.

An A.H.H practitioner never diagnoses and will always suggest that you seek medical advice concerning your medical conditions.

How long is an A.H.H. session?

A.H.H. sessions normally take around an hour. However the healing itself may continue to be activated for around a month after the treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

This obviously depends upon the individual, where dis-ease or illness is deep rooted, several sessions may be necessary.

As A.H.H. is such a gentle, relaxing experience, many like to return for healing and relaxation long after the physical illness or dis-ease has cleared.  Some like just to use the healing to enable them to relax from aspects of life’s stresses and strains enabling calmer approaches to any difficult ongoing issues and cutting inappropriate attachments to matters which are hampering growth.

Many report inspirational thinking and receiving clarity of thought on problem areas.

What happens at an A.H.H. Session?

There is a consultation between the receiver and the practitioner. There will be time for questions and answers and also the treatment will be explained.

The treatment can be given either sitting in a chair or lying down on a treatment couch. The receiver remains fully clothed during the treatment with only shoes being asked to be removed.

The hands of the A.H.H. practitioner is placed on various (non intrusive) points of the receivers body. Angel Harmonic Healing is then channeled through the healer’s hands, flowing to the area (within and/ or without the body) that most needs it.

For the Healing Waters Academy website, please click for the Academy and the training courses